In Search of Lost Mojo

On this podcast, I interview world-class athletes, adventurers, and achievers from ages 50 to 150, as well as globally renowned experts in human optimization, in a quest to unlock the secrets of lifelong high performance. We’ll uncover actionable insights on training methods, nutrition, mental agility, emerging technologies, state-of-the art research, and everything in between. We’ll also get to tap into the essence of true wisdom that our guests have forged through the crucible of time, trials, and triumphs. In the process, we’re going to disrupt and upend the very notion of what it means to “get old”.
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In Search of Lost Mojo


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Oct 3, 2017

John Goodenough is a 95 year-old professor at the University of Texas who’s known around the world as the father of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. He’s a National Medal of Science winner with over 800 journal articles, nearly 100 book chapters, and 8 books who recently filed a patent application for a new kind of battery that may usher in the next unimaginable era of discovery that will affect us all.